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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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baltimore. after serving a warrant yesterday, police seized computers, guns, drugs, condoms, sexual aids, and the ledger's that showed the operation had been going on for quite some time. >> i do not have an exact figure. i have not seen the ledger's. what is being described by the detectives, this operation was definitely not in its infancy. >> both simmons and coit are facing prostitution, drug, and weapons charges. simmons has been suspended without pay. this is not the first time that simmons has been involved with prostitution charges. we will take a closer look at explain. -- and explain. >> breaking news right now out of baltimore county. if a promising young swarmer has
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been killed after a late night accident in louisville. police confirmed he died after losing control of his car and hitting a tree near high view drive. the accident happened before 10:30 p.m. last night. he was a member of the 2012 class and was an avid swimmer. part of the north baltimore aquatic club. no word on what caused the crash. we're working to learn more about a possible drowning late this afternoon in cecil county. skyteam 11 was above the scene. officials say that a man's body was pulled from the water after he apparently jumped overboard from his boat and did not resurface at the cliff in the marina. emergency crews administered cpr and transported the man to union hospital in eltokton. >> an investigation is underway
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into a fire that broke out this morning on linwood avenue and spread to nearby buildings. we're told three medics were dispatched to the scene. investigators say this is not the first time this home has ignited in flames. no word yet on what started blaze. baltimore city. the fire chief is of for a raise. the mayor is proposing a salary increase but the union representing firefighters and officers claim such a request right now is ridiculous. barry simms joins us from city hall with more. >> the union leaders cannot believe it. they want to know how this is being proposed to the fire chief when the city because of the -- supposedly says it is out of money. >> when i am through this process, a sharpening our focus on safety will be my first
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priority as your new fire chief. >> it has been for years since he stepped onto the streets of baltimore from minneapolis. brought in by then-mayor sheila dixon. stephanie rawlings blake suggests he gets a raise and contract extension. this proposal has sparked anger from those who are already upset about the shutdown of two companies. all because of budget cuts. >> it is disgusting. i had never been in a situation where the rank-and-file that nothing. get stuff taken away from them and the leaders get a raise. >> the mayor will present her request wednesday. calling for the chief's salary to jump from $161,000 to more than $164,000 next year. an increase is to follow each year until he reaches 195,000 in 2018. >> this is a slap in the face. how can you accept a raise when you have told our members there
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are no races. there is no money in the city of baltimore to get a raise? how can you yourself accept a raise? >> the mayor said the raise is justified. he said -- he has demonstrated a commitment and reduced fire deaths. he is working for grant money to allow the fire department to allow thousands of free smoke alarms with 10-year batteries. the chief says he is happy to continue serving. we've made great progress in reducing fire deaths and injuries in the city of baltimore, he said. we have more work to do but we're making significant progress toward our vision of zero fire deaths. in her request, the mayor is saying that they have reduced fire overtime. union leaders planned to be at the board to protest that pay raise.
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>> for the second year in a row, md. posing elementary and middle school students are making progress. even though the math scores are up, there is concern about reading. >> close to 90% of students have scored and demonstrated the have a grasp on the basics. there is always room for a permit. inthis year's results are and i am pleased to say they show steady improvement. >> that is the word from the school superintendent. the latest scores from the series of tests to get in the spring show steady progress. almost 90% of elementary school students are passing mouth, of -- math up from last year.
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in little more than 80% of students are passing. the concern is in the state's middle schools. math scores are up 1.5 points. reading numbers have declined. >> there are great interventions already in place. we're starting as early as kindergarten. >> all the more city released its reading and math scores. the results on the same lines as the state. baltimore city parent faye litchfield session as what is needed for kids to succeed. q>> in recent years, school officials have watched more than a dozen tests cheating investigations. now they're quick to point out the half a handle on the problem. >> this year there are no
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swings. in a second consecutive year when we have monitoring in place we do not have -- we do not see the fluctuation we have got last year and quite frankly, that was exactly what i expected. >> it has cost the school system $1 million over the past two years to hire guest martyrs while students are taking the tests. -- monitors while students are taking the tests. this results will come from your local school districts. right now you can take a look at test scores from your child's school. i have to do is go to our website, -- all you have to do is go to our website, click on education alert. >> a mix of sun and clouds and humidity in the region. we have seen some isolated showers pop-up. most areas are not picking up
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the rain. the strongest of the storms are down in northern virginia to the north west and southwest. we have seen some sh -- showers and on the eastern shore a couple of isolated showers in parts of canada and queen anne's county. it has been a pleasant day with partly cloudy conditions. a little on the warm and humid side. temperatures will stick around when we check the seven-day forecast. >> mitt romney and president obama -- talk about taxes and health care. the tax issue is red hot right now with the new obama proposal, a fight with congress, and then end of your deadline. we have the latest from washington. >> thanks and good evening from capitol hill.
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republicans are resisting the president's latest tax the rich plan. he sold -- this is near and dear to his heart. >> this is where barack obama's rise to the white house began. they lined up to see him today but not as many. rex the biggest thing is to get everybody back to work. >> now the president is pushing his new tax plan. >> make sure the tax on leaded a% of the americans do not go up -- i 90% of americans do not go up. >> taxes would go up one individuals making over 200 $2,000 and on small businesses that pay that rate. mitt romney was in colorado. slamming that president's plan. >> the very idea of raising taxes on small business and job
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creators at the time we need more jobs is the sort of thing will be an extreme liberal can come up with. >> romney was in the same school where the president three years ago pushed his number one accomplishment, health care reform. >> the first one i will get rid of is obamacare. >> republican lawmakers will vote again tomorrow to repeal the law. >> will resolve to get rid of a law that will ruin the best health care delivery system the world has ever seen. it will bankrupt our country and make it impossible to grow our economy. that is why we're doing it. >> democrats say it boils down to politics. >> we're making political points. >> on health care and taxes -- eight weeks after the election, everybody was the taxes go up automatically. unless both parties can power through politics and cut a deal.
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>> still ahead. people live in baltimore city, howard county, and anne arundel county are being asked to conserve water. >> it has to do with public works testing. what to do if your water runs out when we come back. >> the search is on for whatever assaulted axually woman. the harrowing account of just ahead. >> it is a chance for anyone who has been affected by cancer to find a cure. i will explain.
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>> here is a look at what is happening right now. water customers are being asked to conserve water. public works officials are trying to avoid what could have been a disastrous water main break in southwest baltimore. in march, first discovered a potential problem in the line using high-tech equipment called a pipe diver. there will eventually replace sections to protect the water. if you experience water problems, you should contact the
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city department of public works. the number is on your screen. we know the name of the man shot and stabbed to death in the central park heights neighborhood over the weekend. eric brown died monday morning after being attacked sunday night. the incident happened just before midnight. he suffered injuries to his head, shoulder, and torso. baltimore city police are looking into the airport every sexual assault in northwest baltimore. the 23-year-old alleged rectum said she was walking in the 2500 block of -- the alleged victim said she was walking in the 2500 block. she was approached by a man who tried to assault her. the armed suspect reportedly suffered a minor injury. police have not released other details about the attack.
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>> you can be part of preventing and helping to find a cure for cancer. cancer society is looking for people to participate. kim dacey has the details. >> she has battled cancer eight times and is dedicated to finding out why. >> i firmly believe there is an answer and the cancer will not go away until we find the answer. t>> they attended an announcement by the american cancer society tuesday morning. they're looking for volunteers across maryland to take part in their cancer prevention study. >> who follow them for 25 to 30 years. to look at behaviours, dietary habits and things people are doing and how they are
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attributed to a cancer diagnosis or possibly not a cancer diagnosis. >> they're hoping to get 5000 volunteers to join in 300,000 people nationwide. you have to be between 30 and 65 endeavour been diagnosed with cancer to qualify. you can sign up online and will schedule you to get blood samples and complete a survey 3 -- every three or four years. >> what are your exercise and dietary habits and then we follow them through the next 25 to 30 years. we're looking at their similarities with others that have been diagnosed and those who have not banned. >> the first study conclusively linked smoking with lung cancer. survivors say it research like this is the only way we might find a cure and this is one easy way you can help. >> anybody, everybody who has been touched by cancer, knows somebody and that is pretty much everybody. somebody knows somebody and they need to get them to answer the
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survey so we have more information and we can fight the battle. >> to sign up to participate, you can find the link on our website, >> a great project. here is something that women do not want to hear. the more children a woman has, the thicker her waistline. breast-feeding could change that. researchers in london studied the medical charts of 750,000 women and found the more children the woman had, the greater their body mass index later in life. women who breast fed for six months experienced a 1% drop over a lifetime. more studies are needed but it 1% reduction could have a significant impact on of the city related conditions. >> now your 11 insta-weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> if you isolated showers have developed. none of them look too severe
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right now. producing a little bit of rain in a couple of locations. lightning strikes north of baltimore. that came out of pennsylvania and cut across northern carroll county and it has weakened on its trek. not seeing lightning strikes at this hour. a few isolated showers in parts of canned and queen anne's county. these are the same weaker systems with a bit of rain. maybe just wetting the garden in some locations. further to the south and west as well. the worst of the weather is staying away from us for now. we check out -- the map and it shows the amount of rain that has fallen. you can see where the storms have developed.
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more significant down to the south of us overall. very isolated activity in most locations. it can see what the shower does. 73 degrees out at oakland. the futurecast shows the showers winding down. skies partly cloudy and temperatures getting into the low 60's. closer to 70 in downtown baltimore. sun said that a 34 pm the front that broke the heat wave is expected -- it got into the carolinas and stalled and now it is the focus for new showers. south of that front is quite monday and hot. high pressure to the north of us is tracking these and keeping us fairly quiet and normal. partly cloudy tomorrow. maybe a minimal chance of
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isolated showers or thunderstorms. most areas will miss out on the activity and highs will reach a four to 89 degrees. east wins on the bay. it water temperatures are still warm. out in western maryland, a thunderstorm or to perhaps but a minimal chance tomorrow. 74 degrees. beautiful, partly cloudy skies near deep creek lake. we have a couple of isolated showers. partly cloudy and warm and down at the coast around ocean city for the end of the week, 82 tomorrow, 82 on thursday. surf temperatures ranging from 75 to 79 degrees. no extreme heat on the horizon. temperatures about normal. mid-to upper 80's as we head through the work week. isolated afternoon storms popping up. 89 with a thunderstorm on monday
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and partly cloudy on tuesday. >> the winner of the kentucky derby and the preakness is leaving the united states. >> the thoroughbred is headed to a form in japan. the price tag on the thoroughbred that gave everyone a run for their money. a run for their money. >> house republicans retry a
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darius webb is raising money for his charity. the turnout was impressive. >> the second time this summer that he hosted all large charity event. he has embraced the idea of civic responsibility, often getting down and dirty with kids at camp. and having a little fun. the real work comes in a few weeks.
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we caught up with him on the course and he is fired up for the season that is almost upon us. quex anytime i can come out and show my face and give back, just give it some time. it has been nothing but work. this is my first all season program i winter with the ravens and it was awesome. it was something different. kentucky derby and preakness winner i'll have another is going to japan. he will receive higher quality
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mares that he would if he stayed in the united states. he was attempting to become the first triple crown champion in 30 years and what a profit margin. there is a judicial for 35 grand and now $10 million. >> three young boys lose their lives in a drowning incident on the eastern shore. was a tragic accident or was there foul play involved? >> new details on the police investigation and why some committee members say something does not add up. >> extreme heat has taken its toll on
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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at five in hd with stan stovall, donald and tomnna hamilton, tasselmyer. >> it is used in everything from cereal to sweeteners. local farmers say they are in a corn crop crisis. the department of agriculture is reporting crops are in their worst condition since 1988. >> it is happening as crops are at their peak development stage. quex in a normal year, this corby i level to me. you can see what the extreme
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heat has done to this cropp. >> the leaves are burned. scorched from the sun. this plant we irrigated, where you're getting the sweet corn and it will try to produce an heir. what it is capable of doing i do not know. >> he grows vegetables and lots of corn. the extreme heat we have had has taken its toll on bob's corn crop. >> these years should be positioned this high. this plant has compacted itself and it is going to try to produce two ears, at this point, it says, i can do this. they should be up here. >> all the corn and soybeans here feed the poultry industry. they will have to a--
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will have to pay higher prices. >> the triple digit temperatures has stressed corn and soybeans. 33% of the corn and soybean crops statewide are in poor or very poor condition. >> one gets 100 degrees or above it kills pollen. you're killing that pollen and you'll have an ear with no kernels on it. in the end, the 100-degree days could have killed that pollen that makes that ear that makes the kernels. >> there is still lots of good maryland vegetables and tomatoes. >> this is in good condition. >> here is a look at our other top stories. a baltimore city firefighter has been suspended after being charged with running a prostitution ring.
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two men are being charged. authorities say simmons and franklin coit have been running a prostitution service and were involved in an unlicensed unlesclub in the warehouse. just as 3 city fire companies closed due to lack of funds, baltimore's fire chief may be getting a pay raise. the mayor will make a request mar to the city to get the chief incremental salary increases each generate through 2018. he will get a contract extension. the mayor's office says he deserves the race based on his strong record -- they raise based on a strong record. was the scene.
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the man was on his boat when he jumped into the water and never resurfaced. his wife and a bag standard managed to pull him up. there is no word on the men posing condition. anne arundel county executive john leopold will stand trial on charges of using his bully still for personal and political gain. the jury trial will begin september 4. he is accused of using police officers has campaign workers and other occasions, instructing officers to drive her -- him to a sexual liaison with a county employee. students are making more progress in the state tests especially when it comes to math. they have a grasp of the basics. the scores to show a slower progress in reading. to see results from your school,
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you can go to our website,, click on education alert. >> it is a repeal retry. the house is getting ready to hold a vote that is sparking a heated debate on capitol hill. we have more on the story. >> the house will be in order. quex in first to do not succeed -- >> we need to repeal obamacare today. >> 30 boats have been taken on this. >> 31 attempts by the gop-led house. >> to repeal the affordable health care act. >> some say enough. >> you would have thought the 17th time would have been good. the 31st time is looking for rec
5:35 pm
or something. high court may have deemed it constitutional, americans deemed burdensome and unaffordable. braxton affordable care act is the law of the lan. >> that is why we're here today. to focus on the implication of the ruling. >> the decision came under scrutiny in three congressional hearings and the speaker of the house showed no signs of relenting. >> we're resolved to have this lago way. we will do everything we can to stop it. >> leaders are confident the repeal will pass in a vote tomorrow but it faces opposition in the senate. >> beachgoers beware. there is something fishy going on in ocean city. we will explain in tonight's consumer alert. >> this is between fans at a
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little league game. rex a battle over extending the first tax cuts take center stage in the presidential race.
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>> the general assembly may have been one of the most effective sessions said. every year the group comes out with a report on how maryland lawmaker stack up improving things like air quality and public health. one of the biggest highlights, the clean water healthy families initiative. aimed at making baltimore's water swimmable and fishable. another major player, the move to ban arson. >> we have been adding 30,000 pounds of arsenic each year since 1946 and is terrific that
5:40 pm
this will be the first year where not. >> 19 lawmakers were given a 0% in the report. they have been extremely active in working toward environmental protection. >> the florida teenager is recovering after having his arm bitten off by an alligator. he was swimming with friends in the caloosahatchee river when an 11-foot gator attacked him, biting off part of his right arm below the elbow. officials were able to track down the gator and retrieve his arm but doctors were not able to reattach it. >> it was already like a foot in front of him. he put his arm in the way. >> and despite the circumstances his family says the team is in good spirits. a large fight breaks out at a little league championship game. the fight may have started over
5:41 pm
one part of the winning -- parent of the winning team playing there isn't too loudly. officials called the incident embarrassing. both fathers are banned from future little league events. >> a haitian community is coming to terms after it we can tragedy in a creek. >> it was no accident. >> there are a couple of showers. we will keep an eye on those and check the forecast. a few clouds on the horizon. 85 at
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>> good afternoon. coming up @ 6. a city firefighter accused of an alleged online prostitution ring. we will have details. at the heels of the closing of companies, the chief is getting a raise. we will have the debate between research conducted by change maryland and the o'malley administration. much more
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taiex we're learning more tonight about the tragic drowning of three boys over the weekend as the investigation continues. family members say they suspect foul play but police say was
5:45 pm
likely an accident. chris gordon takes a closer look. >> the three boys were playing basketball at this church until 5:00 p.m. saturday evening. they did not come home and were reported missing. sunday after a search of the creek, the bodies of christopher april and his 8-year-old cousin and close friend were found. there were as close as brothers. >> authorities say what happened. >> that it was so hot and after they played basketball, they walked down to the bank of the creek and took off most of their clothes and got in to cool off. none of them knew how to swim. >> members of the haitian committee say the boys were so
5:46 pm
terrified of water they do not believe they went to the creek to cool off. >> somebody put their kids in the water. >> it was awaiting final autopsy reports. >> christopher's father says he is in pain. >> that gave me a lot of trouble. the only thing i can feel good is if they came back to life. they're not going to come back to life. i am in pain. >> the haitian community is in mourning. >> the family is poor and no insurance. some of them not working so you figure that out. >> the families will need the community's health to pay for the services. >> if you'd like more information about helping those families, we have a information
5:47 pm
on our website. in the report revealed there is an increased number of drowning cases among minorities. it is due to the lack of swimming education. the u.s. a swing foundation says 70% of african-americans and 60% of hispanic children do not know how to swim. when it comes to drowning, the cd c found black children drown at a rate three times higher than their white peers. >> access to affordable swimming lessons that are conveniently located within communities is the real challenge. the trend is for cities in -- and the municipalities to close their pools and to instead install sprinkler systems. rinkler systems and water parks that provide cooling for children and not provide some lessons or water safety lessons. this is the personal mission to open more pools.
5:48 pm
working with organizations and committees that have access to pool so they can hold swimming lessons. >> not everyone is saying rain but the clouds are building up in some locations and a few isolated showers have developed. a lightning strike or two. showers at the northern baltimore county started out with lightning strikes coming out of pennsylvania. a shower is still there. a shower is getting going in the northwestern corner of montgomery county. and on the eastern shore we have seen some new development in queen anne's and kent counties. showers that are building up in the heat of this afternoon and minimal activity and drifting slowly. if you get underneath one of these, you could get a decent shot at rain. precipitation totals have been up here to the north.
5:49 pm
cutting through baltimore, harford, and carroll county. some rain with isolated activity and into northern virginia. nothing officially as far as raincoats today. we did manage to sneak up to the 93 degree mark. check out the record high. this is the hottest it has officially been in baltimore. it was not only hot here, it was scorching hot in many locations on that day in maryland. all-time record high at 107. cumberland and frederick at 109 degrees on july 10, 1936. those are maryland state records. on the same day, july 10, 1913, the north american record in this valley, 134. you pretty much have hit the hottest part of the summer season. 70's right now in western maryland. if you get a shower moving through it will cool you off
5:50 pm
briefly. some of the northern suburbs are able to cool off into the lower 60's. 5 miles an hour or less. the front that broke the heat wave is still there falling apart. it is still hot and humid. high pressure out of the great lakes tracking toward new england will keep this quiet. it is typical summer weather. partly cloudy and risk of an isolated thunderstorm. a four to 89 degrees. the wind is out of the bay at to 5 knots. a thunderstorm possible tomorrow. possibly cloudy skies on thursday and from it. -- friday. around 90 on the weekend. a 30% chance of an afternoon storm. high temperatures in the upper 80's next week.
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>> beware of counterfeit money in ocean city. police are on the worlook out fr two teens passing of $20 bills. they tried four different jobs and feel that 3. no word on the shop that took in the phony money. have never regretted buying a new vehicle? general motors is offering a money back guarantee to attract more customers. there will allow buyers to get their money back if they return the vehicles for any reason. it should be within 60 days of purchase. there are some conditions. they cannot have more than 4,000 miles on them and they cannot be damaged. the decision was made after reviewing research that showed customers like it when companies showed confidence in their product. some positive news days after the release of the latest jobs report that showed weaker hiring
5:52 pm
for the last three months. a new job opening increase to the seasonally adjusted 3.6 million up from 3.4 million in april. even with this increase, the competition for jobs remains fierce. there were 12.7 million unemployed in may. that figures out to 3.5 unemployed people for each job opening. it appears women spend an average of 125,000 on clothing during their lifetime. over the years went by roughly 3000 items including two ordered 71 pairs of shoes, 185 dresses, 145 handbags. trends change all the time and women are always looking for some new things. many women citron clothing in the store is a lot different than pulling them from your closet. >> nothing looks as good as when you try it on for the first time.
5:53 pm
that is a big problem. it never looks as good as it does that first time. and the outfit is gone. you want another one, a new one. >> 10% of women admit to buying one item of clothing or accessory in the middle of the day, once a week to attend an event after work. i did not write this and our producer is a woman. do not shoot the messenger. >> yes, she is. the best-selling erotic trilogy is heading to the big screen. the producers of "the social network" are behind the adaptation. there will -- and they will team up to tell the story of a college student and her relationship. it has been an ongoing debate. are the wealthy moving out of
5:54 pm
maryland because of tax hikes? a new study says it has proof where losing dollars because of the tax flight. how are you with a bow and arrow? the ancient sport of our jury is coming back. find out what is propelling it into overdrive when we come back.
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we are weeks away from the olympics. archer is making a big comeback. >> iit to katie alexander seven years to get to the olympics. >> i was 11 when i started. it was very humbling. >> humility is the least of my issues as i take a shot. >> hand position right here. >> a nice square body. good. just open your fingers. ok. where it is going to
5:58 pm
go for the most part. >> it is an ancient sport but hotter than ever thanks to the hundred games. she has a medal in surgery. >> you have to practice in order to do well. >> the pros shoot hundreds of errors a day. after 30 minutes, i could feel that in my back and see why. looking ahead to the olympics. >> that is all for us at 5. here is a look at what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> of baltimore city firefighter is facing prostitution charges this evening. i will have a live report. >> the mayor proposes a pay raise for the fire chief bud nobody thinks he should get it.
5:59 pm
>> a new study claims thousands of the wealthy are flocking to states where the tax rates are lower. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at six. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> we begin tonight with a developing story out of baltimore city. a firefighter is suspended without pay after being accused of running an online prostitution ring. >> it involves guns, drugs, and sex. we have the late breaking details. i hear this is quite an elaborate scheme. >> it certainly is. according to documents that were seized at the scene, please tell us that it appears this has been going on for several years but what is more disturbing about this case is according to court documents, jamar simmons who was arrested face similar charges in 2010.